Wills and Powers of Attorney

It is important that every person have a valid will (i.e., a legal expression of a person’s directives as to the disposition of his/her property after death). It is equally important that every person have general powers of attorney (i.e., instruments authorizing another to act as one’s agent) in place to allow agent(s) to transact business and make healthcare decisions for them during their lifetime in the event they are unable to do so. The attorneys at FBSR&W are well-equipped to advise and assist in the preparation of these important documents.


When your loved one passes, it is important to seek legal advice immediately. There are usually various legal options available regarding the disposition of your loved one’s estate. The attorneys at FBSR&W will guide you in choosing the best and most economical option for you and in implementing and completing the process.

Will Contests/Estate Disputes

Unfortunately, the death of a loved one can sometimes lead to disputes among heirs, will beneficiaries, and/or creditors of the estate. When disputes or questions arise in these instances, the attorneys at FBSR&W have the experience and knowledge necessary to competently advise and represent you in such difficult matters.


If you would like more information on wills, estates & probate litigation, contact our office to discuss your circumstances with a knowledgeable, experienced probate attorney today.